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French philosophy student Alice falls in love with a boy, “Rabbit,” at a masked ball in London, and takes him home. The next morning, Rabbit has disappeared, along with any indication that their night together ever occurred. Determined to find him, Alice sets out through a Brexit London that has turned very strange indeed, aided by the psychologist / detective Dr. Cat Pillar, BA, as reality, nightmare and cinema blur into each other.

Featuring: Vanessa Redgrave,
Steven Berkoff,
Alan Ford,
Carol Cleveland
, Sophie Vavasseur
, Adrian McLoughlin

Alice, Through the Looking is a rebellion against the stultifying conservatism that bleeds through English language film and drama (with ever fewer honourable exceptions).

It’s a wild work that rejects Dickensian narrative arcs, clear motivations, morals and all of that nonsense as an inaccurate way of presenting an age in which we live plotlessly in unnarrativisable panic, distraction and vacillation – and in which the only thing that is unforgivable is to be boring.

Its Holy Trinity is Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch and Monty Python: it embraces equally the philosophically highbrow and the self-consciously silly alike, and frequently gets to wondering which is which.

In short, Alice is a work that should frustrate, confuse and enrage as much as delight and amuse, dancing in the shadow of radical cinematic traditions past, while, both formally and conceptually, having few obvious contemporaries.