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Nine short films in one magnificent block. A magical world of illusions and adventure

A MODERN MAGICIAN – Not all great minds think alike…
A Modern Magician is a supernatural black comedy that follows Jim; an odd young man with unusual pastimes as he meets up with the love of his life.

PLUCKING TANGERINES – In a South London flat bereaved playwright Ava holds on to the memory of her late best friend Fran, evoking her aura and hindering her final departure. However, when Fran defies all of her friend’s ploys to keep her inside, the only option left for Ava is to acquiesce and set her own imagination free.

JUNE – June is a story about the fragility of life; the primal forces that drive and control us and the mystery of hope and new beginnings. Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates in the following 24 hours. This one day in June for the couple holds raw despair, unleashing carnal natures but a transcendent occurrence offers them the hope of new life.

SONAR – A swimmer detects an unusual sound late at night and she decides to investigate.

THE COMFORT ZONE – What would it take to break you out of your comfort zone?
Caleb is by all accounts a successful executive. Despite exceeding his father’s expectations, Caleb is far from happy. That is, until Star, a vibrant and aspiring rockstar, comes crashing into his world and turns his comfortably numb existence upside down with a string of reckless misadventures and a new outlook on life.

DIOMYSUS – An experimental film where a group of mice (voiced by members of the UK polyamorous community who’s identities are masked using puppetry) discuss their experiences of polyamory. Diomysus asks the question – are we (the audience) more open to taboo ideas if unconscious bias is eliminated?

STRINGS – Penny has her share of demons, and she’s about to take on one more. Despite her inability to play, Penny has big dreams of becoming the world’s greatest axe player. After stealing one from an antique shop, she decides to break it in at the local punk bar she frequents. Things don’t go very well, and Penny ends up face down in the alley after being thrown out by the owner. A dark presence approaches her with a proposition: Penny gives up three souls, and all her dreams come true

THE MAGICAL WORLD OF MIRACLES – In this sweeping tale of love and loss, we follow siblings Elsie and Theo as they set out on the adventure of a lifetime to find a real life miracle that they hope will fix everything that’s gone awry. We watch them escape into their imagination, transforming the real world into their magical playground as they journey to where the miracle resides.

SUIT & BONE – A callous and brazen gambler enters a holy place, risking all to obtain a great power. Cards and dice may be familiar tools of his vice, but they are also called “The Devil’s Playthings” and “The Devil’s Bones” for a reason.