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Nov 14 – 18, Culture Lab

Are you aged 16+?

Are you curious about people and the world around you?

Have you ever wanted to make a documentary but not had the opportunity?

Are you willing to work collaboratively as part of a team towards a common goal?

If you are a person from the north east region with aspirations to be a documentary filmmaker but have never had the experience of being part of a crew and making a film, then this exciting and challenging programme is the perfect opportunity for you to try! North-East International Film Festival and Newcastle University have come together to offer local people the chance to participate in a week-long documentary making programme, delivered by award-winning documentary filmmakers and film technicians with mentoring from filmmaking students at Film@CultureLab, the University’s centre for documentary making.

Twenty individuals will be offered the opportunity to work in crews of four to produce a short documentary (3 – 5 mins) on any subject of their choice, subject to approval by the Programme leaders. They will be given training on how to ‘shoot for the edit’ with University supplied 4K cameras and sound recording equipment, and also given instruction of how to edit using the latest version of Adobe Premier Pro in the University’s state of the art editing cluster in Culture Lab. Each crew will be assigned a mentor, who will be a documentary filmmaking student from the University’s degree programme. The winning documentary will receive a North East International Film Festival 2022 custom-made trophy.


Monday 14 Nov 3 – 6pm (The Ballroom, Culture Lab)

Idea generation (3-5pm)

Crew formation (5-6pm)

Tuesday 15 Nov 9 – 12pm (The Ballroom, Culture Lab)

Camera and sound recording workshop (9-10am)

Practising shooting for the edit (10-11am)

Green lighting projects (11 – 12pm)

Weds and Thurs – shoot (with student mentors)

Friday 18 Nov 9 – 6pm (Assembly Room, Culture Lab)

Importing, logging and assembly (9-12pm)

Editing (12 – 5pm)

Export (5-6pm)

If you would like to be considered for this filmmaking challenge please email Ian McDonald (ian.mcdonald@ncl.ac.uk) and copy Lisa-Marie Tonelli (info@neiff.co.uk) with your name and contact details. Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.