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Nine short films in one magnificent block. Thoughts, actions and words

GLACIERS – In a sobering glimpse of the UK’s potential future, a remote family farm is caught in the grip of unmitigated climate change. Prodigious storms, disease and famine beset the father and son who remain there, as circumstances worsen by the day. Adam and Simon must ultimately face the hardest choice imaginable; to remain in defiance of such overwhelming odds, or abandon the only life they’ve ever known, before it is too late.

KITE STRINGS – Kat is trying her hardest to support her mother, Heather, who has dementia. Juggling her own life with her boyfriend her exasperations spill over, and the connection between mother and daughter hangs in the balance.

MAZOJI – Told through the perspective of a toddler, this is a story of a family’s first encounter with schizophrenia.

MY HOME – When asked to care for elderly gentleman Boyle for a day, headstrong hijabi Muslim Aryam doesn’t know what to expect. But when faced with his opposing, harmful views, Aryam knows she must do all she can to help him see things in a new light.

SLAG – A writer busy observing obnoxious humans around him, forgets to attend to his own baby, with unexpected consequences…
Starring Uriel Emil (BBC’s CASUALTY, The Honourable Woman), Kirsty Mitchell (BBC’s CASUALTY), Michael Stevenson (BBC’s CASUALTY)

THE MIRROR – An actor’s whole world gets brought into question as he begins to unravel, his roles taking more of an emotional and mental toll that slips into his family life – most notably with his young newly diagnosed hyper-empath daughter.

RESONANCE – A woman arrives for a piano lesson to find her teacher playing a piece that has no name and no ending; she discovers that it is about a former lover whose memory still haunts the younger woman. When it is the older woman’s turn to play, she, too, cannot finish the piece she is playing, which was written by her daughter in the months prior to her death. As both women struggle to articulate their feelings of loss and grief, they realise that the music gives them a means of holding on to, and living with, their pasts. ‘Resonance’ is a film about memory and emotion – and about the power of music to articulate and give life to the human spirit.

WHEN THE CLAPPING STOPS – Matty – a young and dedicated care worker – meets his match when his agency assigns him to middle-aged firecracker and epilepsy sufferer, June. Despite struggling to access support from a sector stretched thin, Matty must also provide unpaid care for his terminally ill Grandfather. Soon, the emotional stress of balancing his personal and professional care duties begins to take its toll – abandonment and isolation causing dangerous cracks to appear.

KIRAN – Kiran, once a happily married independent business owner is now the full time carer of her elderly mother who is suffering from dementia. In the throws of routine and repeating calls for help, Kiran breaks.