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Not everything is as it seems. Touching on themes such as agoraphobia, discrimination, immigration, dementia, poverty and dying crafts


    The film addresses an important, highly topical theme – diversity. It wants to and is intended to initiate debate. Among other things, it deals with prejudices in religious views of life.

    Sally suffers from dementia, a regularly misunderstood and mistreated illness. She believes she is in her prime, enjoying her twenties as a soon-to-be mother with her best friend, Isabel, by her side.

    OK, so Cam’s hungover, lost, vomit-stained, dealing with a very rude visitor, and totally in the dark. On the other hand, er, claw, she has an advantage that many Aussies can only dream about.

    Single mother and immigrant Sonia Diaconescu works at a sheltered accommodation scheme. A resident of the scheme has made an official complaint against her, rousing the elderly community into a mob of angry and fearful citizens whose intolerance is palpable.

  • RAT

    An agoraphobic woman trapped in a toxic marriage, struggles with a rat problem.
  • THEM & US

    Them and Us open the stories of three different groups of students in rural middle school in China.

    The beaches of Hartlepool are where seacoalers have worked and prospered for centuries. Steve and Keith are the last two seacoalers working today, and despite the government phasing out coal in under two years’ time, they remain proud of their craft and the life it has given them.



    Clara, a 23-year-old bisexual girl, lives in a flat with her friend Helena. She wants to find love so she starts going on dates, but they always turn out very surreal and Clara ends up getting bored of them. Even so, she doesn’t give up and continues to meet people in an addictive way until she hits rock bottom and finds herself on a date that is beyond her. One day when she is hanging out her panties, she is surprised by what she discovers.