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Horror, Thriller and quite simply the weird and wonderful. Nothing is what it seems in this series of films.


    On a suburban street, a battle of wills unfolds between a man, a postwoman and an elderly lady. The man must make a stand to reclaim his letterbox. ‘Dear Eduardo’ is a short comedy-drama about a man on the edge … and a LOT of letters!

    A hand-drawn sequential telling of human history in all its horror and glory, culminating in our next evolutionary leap. Cuties explores the elusive beauty in how we as a species continue forward in spite of our proclivity for destruction.


  • KORE

    A young girl has developed a new type of mutation which is deteriorating her body. As her condition gets worse, she discusses with a former surgeon the nature of her disease and how to deal with it.
  • N’ANGA

    A not so traditional tale tangled with post-modern diasporic identities. N’anga explores Zimbabwean traditional spirituality and Eurocentric environments. The story is that of family and the lengths that we will always go to for those we love, but what does that mean when you are stuck between identities.

    The encounter of a professional cellist and family man with a stranger on the subway has unexpected and far-reaching consequences on his life.



    Recently married couple Lucy and Christopher are coping with their grief in opposite ways after the stillbirth of their child. Christopher just wants life to continue as normal but Lucy sees evidence of the continued presence of her child everywhere.

    Alisa gets a chance to win $50,000 by making a half-court shot at a Knicks game but her anxiety quickly derails her when she learns the contest is going to be on TV.


    A look into the world of sneaker reselling where Teenagers in the UK are buying and then reselling trainers for up to £60,000 a pair.