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Six short films in one magnificent block. Love and war

CHEESE AND ONION – ‘Cheese and Onion’ is a police crime drama highlighting how a small dispute can escalate out of hand and lead to tragic consequences. Set in present day rural West Yorkshire, the narrative follows a police sergeant as she takes revenge on her husband’s young mistress.
Highlighting the abuse of power, injustice and the destruction of a young woman’s dream, Cheese and Onion is a story that audiences of all ages and walks of life will find thought-provoking.

CLEANER – Angela is a domestic cleaner who keeps herself to herself. Mairead is a houseproud mother who, more often than not, finds herself alone at home with the children. When a mundane household accident forces Angela to add emergency childminding to her list of duties, a friendship begins between employer and employee. As the relationship blooms, they begin to discover that there may be more that bonds them together than just loneliness. But is this just another work-based transaction, or does it mean something else?

ONE LIKE HIM – A Jordanian man (Karim) must find a way to tell his childhood friend and first love (Ramzi) the truth about what happened twenty years ago, when a single moment changed both their lives. When he can’t find the words, the conversation repeats, becoming increasingly surreal until he loses control.

HI JOHN – After discovering her husbands double life, a vindictive wife recruits the help of his mistress to take her revenge.

HOW TO LOVE YOU – “How to Love You” takes place in an Asian household, telling the story of Mary, and her 17-year-old daughter, Evelynn. They are each other’s friend, confidant and only family. Mary knows everything about her only child, or at least she thinks she does. When the single mother finds out about her daughter’s closeted secret one day, Mary goes through a journey of doubt and understanding. Will blood really thrive over water, and will love triumph persisted values?

OVER HER – In OVER HER we get to know 24-year-old Line (Ulrikke Falch) who has just been dumped by her girlfriend Julia – and life has collapsed. Her closest friend Elin (Clara Henry) tries to help her get over the ex, by running a Tinder account in Line’s name. And suddenly she matches with Destiny, played by acclaimed Amy Deasismont. Other roles include some of Sweden’s most exciting young talents and popular actors such as
Dilan Apak, Rebecka Hemse, Tina Pour Davoy, Ayan Ahmed, Ulla Skoog and Evelyn Mok