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Nine short films in one magnificent block. Mischief, adventure and memories

AVOCADO ON TOAST – With Molly and Elle’s friendship left hanging in question, we start season 2 with Molly in London, England facing both her heartbreak from ‘The One’ and her new endometriosis/adenomyosis diagnoses. Back in Toronto, Elle has found herself a member of “Community”, a retreat where she went to recoup after a nervous breakdown. What was meant to be a 2-week mental health break is now going on 5 months… and the fact that it is definitely a cult is clear to everyone but Elle. Meanwhile, the ambitious Jordan has been juggling the ad agency he and Elle had started on his own. But when a high-stakes client requires him to go retrieve Elle he finds a very different version of his old workaholic/party-girl friend. In the meantime, Molly returns to Toronto and must learn how to ask for help in order to receive the surgery and support that she needs and Elle feels like everyone who ever loved her in the real world has abandoned her, and turns all of her co-dependant tendencies to “Community”. As Molly and Elle navigate their unseen illnesses and their paths continue to diverge, a permanent friendship-breakup seems inevitable… or could their paths to self-discovery bring them back together?

BOREDOM – On the day of their exam results, three young lads consider life beyond their small town.

BUS DRIVER – The normal journey of a London bus driver transforms into a living nightmare as he finds himself in the middle of a terrorist stand-off between his panic-consumed passengers. Lives hang in the balance as he desperately tries to negotiate his way out of the quagmire.

FIRST ONE AWAY – Paul desperately tries to get away from a lads night out. But in order to do so, he must play by the ‘rules’ and tell the group a story.

FREE – A woman intervenes when a fishmonger corners a refugee girl for stealing a fish – shot in Catania, Sicily on 35mm film.

HARD TO REACH – It’s 2010 and the last day of school before summer. Morey, an anxiety fuelled mentor living a life devoid of purpose, is quietly descending into a breakdown as he arrives to pick up his rebellious and sometimes violent teenage student, Jackson. The tension only intensifies when their intended photography trip leads to an altercation on a train, forcing the pair into a nearby forest where they have a cathartic exchange that changes them forever.

UNDERS – At an under-18s club night in Glasgow, a strong-willed teenager struggles to cope with the behaviour of her male friends.

BRING BACK MY BONNIE – An elderly man with dementia continues to speak with his late wife to keep her alive. When his daughter sees his decline she tries her best to make him comfortable and the memories they share embolden their relationship. An exploration of the highs-and-lows of memories fading through illness and natural inclinations.

BEIGE – Ethnically vague, racially ambiguous, too dark, not dark enough…yes, these are real life comments from the industry. This short spies on the audition process and opens our eyes to what it’s like for mixed race actors in the industry today. These rooms see some of the most cringe-worthy moments for actors who are desperately trying to showcase their skill and exposes the pressure that is put on them to tick all of the right boxes. An awkward, vulnerable and funny look into the cost of putting yourself out there and just how far we still have to go with working out our preconceptions.