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Seven magnificent short films in one block

WIDER THAN THE SKY – Jenny’s father has been diagnosed with Cancer. To cope, this deeply creative child makes scenes inside shoeboxes into which she escapes. One day a chance encounter with a seemingly ordinary cafe owner provides the catalyst for a truly magical happening.

FATHER’S DAY – Father’s Day is a short film about Alakhe a 12-year-old boy who is raised by a single mother. Being the nerd of the class, Alakhe is selected to give a speech for a Father’s Day school event. He decides to go against his mother’s word and sets out to find the father he’s never met which opens a can of worms. Eventually he discovers who his real father is.

FORT TOM – Spiteful of his neglectful, self-centred parents, 10 year old Tom stages his own kidnapping and hides in the attic. Here he embraces his independence and imagines their reaction to his disappearance.

HELLO, MUSCLES – A young girl develops muscles, but finds a different kind of strength.

BOY IN THE BACK SEAT – 1986. A young boy is left unattended in the car while his volatile dad takes care of some ‘business’ in a dodgy local pub. What could possibly go wrong?

A bold, edgy and urgent film about toxic masculinity and the damage we pass on to the next generation.

THE INFECTIOUS IMAGINATION OF HENRY BRAMBLE – When a stuffy retired Judge is forced to spend time with his ten-year-old Nephew, he learns the significance of losing his imagination, but it is never too late to get it back!

AERO ORANGE – Captain H’Orange leads a reconnaissance mission over hostile coordinates with his fruit aeronauts when suddenly

he and his team come under fire and their newest member; Airman Apple is taken hostage by the evil General Onion.