• A Modern Magician

    Not all great minds think alike... A Modern Magician is a supernatural black comedy that follows Jim; an odd young man with unusual pastimes as he meets up with the love of his life.


    A scouser in his late 20s seeks out an ADHD diagnosis to regain control over his life.

  • Ages of Man

    An anthology fiction short where three men find themselves in vulnerable positions with three women. This comedic horror drops the audience in the middle of stories about the invisible labor that women perform every day, the labor that makes the world go round. The vignettes depict these particular men’s lack of awareness to what supports their sense of [...]

  • Alice, Through the Looking: À la recherche d’un lapin perdu

    French philosophy student Alice falls in love with a boy, “Rabbit,” at a masked ball in London, and takes him home. The next morning, Rabbit has disappeared, along with any indication that their night together ever occurred. Determined to find him, Alice sets out through a Brexit London that has turned very strange indeed, aided by the [...]

  • As I Live and Breathe

    In a dystopian world where the air sends you to sleep, a timid romantic uses the only gas mask and her imagination to experience a fulfilling romance with an unconscious heartthrob.

  • Avocado Toast the series SEASON 2

    With Molly and Elle’s friendship left hanging in question, we start season 2 with Molly in London, England facing both her heartbreak from ‘The One’ and her new endometriosis/adenomyosis diagnoses. Back in Toronto, Elle has found herself a member of “Community”, a retreat where she went to recoup after a nervous breakdown. What was meant to be [...]

  • BabyDolls

    Unable to accept his ex Jess's departure, Billy finds a website that allows him to design a sexbot in her image. ‘BabyDolls’ claim that their custom made sexbots have the ability to mirror their buyer’s behaviour, making them an idyllic partner for the purchaser. After falling victim to his own toxicity through Becks' adaptive algorithm, Billy seeks to [...]

  • BEAR

    Jack who means well, but takes things just a little too far, has planned the perfect  birthday surprise for his unsuspecting new girlfriend, Emelie. However, good intentions  as well as plans, sometimes, can have spectacularly disastrous consequences.


    Linda inherited the world's smallest ferry: “Beffen”. Linda’s father lived and breathed for the old ferry and she was completely unprepared for his sudden death. What bothers Linda the most is that the boat is in miserable condition. Will she manage to run the small ferry company?

  • Beige

    Ethnically vague, racially ambiguous, too dark, not dark enough...yes, these are real life comments from the industry. This short spies on the audition process and opens our eyes to what it's like for mixed race actors in the industry today. These rooms see some of the most cringe-worthy moments for actors who are desperately trying to showcase [...]

  • Bienvenidos a Los Angeles

    Inspired by true events and shot on location at LAX airport, "Bienvenidos a Los Angeles" tells the timely story of Imani, a Nigerian single-mother living in Los Angeles, who offers to help a perfect stranger reunite with her son. In doing so, Imani learns this simple act of kindness threatens to jeopardize her own path to citizenship.

  • Birds

    Log line: When her 9-year-old daughter’s dreams of becoming a gymnast are on the line, a mother behind bars struggles to keep her whereabouts a secret. Inspired by the real experiences of a former prisoner. Short Synopsis: “Are you nearly coming home?” Lee’s got a secret. Contrary to her youngest daughter Ray’s beliefs, Lee isn’t leading the glamourous [...]

  • Blood Rites

    Three teenage girls with a monstrous hunger begin to unravel in the English Fens.

  • Boredom

    On the day of their exam results, three young lads consider life beyond their small town.

  • Borrowed Time

    Based on a true story. Olivia has a complicated relationship with her mother who suddenly calls her to go back home. A story of loss and growth between three generations of women, this day will define Olivia for years to come.

  • Bring Back My Bonnie

    An elderly man with dementia continues to speak with his late wife to keep her alive. When his daughter sees his decline she tries her best to make him comfortable and the memories they share embolden their relationship. An exploration of the highs-and-lows of memories fading through illness and natural inclinations.

  • Brother Troll

    Once upon a time in the Faroe Islands, two lone brothers struggle to save their fragile relationship after the sudden loss of their older brother.

  • Bump!

    After a crash, two lives become tangled in a romantic web, where they complete each other, just not in the way they think.

  • Burnt Toast and Cigarettes

    Kicked out of school, Abi has two paths ahead. One leads nowhere but trouble. The other, a glimmer of hope but can she accept her past?

  • Bus Driver

    The normal journey of a London bus driver transforms into a living nightmare as he finds himself in the middle of a terrorist stand-off between his panic-consumed passengers. Lives hang in the balance as he desperately tries to negotiate his way out of the quagmire.

  • Can I Help?

    An operating system tries to help a successful and overworked architect get over the break up of his family.

  • Censure

    When introvert, Aaron, finds himself struggling under the weight of a revelation, he dreams of escaping to the only place he can breathe. But escape has a cost, and he must ask himself if it is a price he is willing to pay.

  • Cheese and Onion

    ‘Cheese and Onion’ is a police crime drama highlighting how a small dispute can escalate out of hand and lead to tragic consequences. Set in present day rural West Yorkshire, the narrative follows a police sergeant as she takes revenge on her husband's young mistress. Highlighting the abuse of power, injustice and the destruction of a young woman’s [...]

  • Claire

    As Claire recounts the personal tragedy that turned her life upside down, we learn how a local community came together to support a woman on the brink, and how she went on to tackle the injustices in UK law, to try and stop others from suffering the same tragic events.

  • Cleaner

    Angela is a domestic cleaner who keeps herself to herself. Mairead is a houseproud mother who, more often than not, finds herself alone at home with the children. When a mundane household accident forces Angela to add emergency childminding to her list of duties, a friendship begins between employer and employee. As the relationship blooms, they begin to [...]

  • Curiosa

    Curiosa tells the story of overly curious Mary, who visits her boyfriend's flat for the first time, just to discover it’s been stripped bare of all personal belongings. After being denied an explanation, she climbs into his head.

  • Devil on My Shoulder

    Without friends or a purpose in life, Matteus finds himself isolated from reality after his older sister Linnea commits suicide. He looks back at their memories together in the hope of being able to understand her and what it was that went wrong. Through the inner battle with his subconsciousness, Matteus is able to find his way [...]

  • Diomysus

    An experimental film where a group of mice (voiced by members of the UK polyamorous community who's identities are masked using puppetry) discuss their experiences of polyamory. Diomysus asks the question - are we (the audience) more open to taboo ideas if unconscious bias is eliminated?


    El Arena navigates the underground world of battle rap in the Middle East, taking a first of its kind look into the stories, struggles, and perspectives of its most talented figures. Thanks to Lebanon's relatively liberal freedom of speech laws, Arab rappers from across the region come to Beirut to compete against one another. Outside of The [...]


    A young girl's life is changed forever when she meets a stranger in a quiet, woodland clearing.

  • FINITE: The Climate of Change

    Inside the core of the climate movement, concerned citizens in Germany put their bodies on the line to save an ancient forest from Europe’s largest coal mine. They form an unlikely alliance with a frustrated community in rural England who are forced into action to protect their homes from a new mine.

  • Firebird

    In a world where no one really knows what day it is and everyone is required to "KEEP THE SILENCE" a bereft musician counts the days until she will be allowed to play again.

  • First One Away

    Paul desperately tries to get away from a lads night out. But in order to do so, he must play by the 'rules' and tell the group a story.

  • Five Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Seven Pounds

    Ricky, a loving husband, and father, is met with an impossible choice as he faces off with a mysterious armed intruder hellbent on the ultimate revenge.


    Grace Molotsi, a married nurse from the township, feels trapped and at her wits end due to an abusive husband who has made her life a living nightmare. When she finally takes the decision to end his life, her house is invaded by two thugs on the run from a cash-in-transit robbery gone wrong who take her hostage. [...]

  • Free

    A woman intervenes when a fishmonger corners a refugee girl for stealing a fish - shot in Catania, Sicily on 35mm film.


    In a sobering glimpse of the UK's potential future, a remote family farm is caught in the grip of unmitigated climate change. Prodigious storms, disease and famine beset the father and son who remain there, as circumstances worsen by the day. Adam and Simon must ultimately face the hardest choice imaginable; to remain in defiance of such overwhelming [...]

  • Grasshoppers

    Star-crossed immigrant lovers roam their gated community drink-by-drink in search of the perfect house. Starring international superstar Saleh Bakri in his long-awaited debut U.S. film.


    It's 2010 and the last day of school before summer. Morey, an anxiety fuelled mentor living a life devoid of purpose, is quietly descending into a breakdown as he arrives to pick up his rebellious and sometimes violent teenage student, Jackson. The tension only intensifies when their intended photography trip leads to an altercation on a train, forcing [...]

  • Harold & Mary

    As a disease takes hold, Harold and Mary are forced to re-assess the journey of their relationship; challenging their love, patience and perseverance after fifty years of marriage.

  • Hi John

    After discovering her husbands double life, a vindictive wife recruits the help of his mistress to take her revenge.

  • How To Love You

    "How to Love You" takes place in an Asian household, telling the story of Mary, and her 17-year-old daughter, Evelynn. They are each other's friend, confidant and only family. Mary knows everything about her only child, or at least she thinks she does. When the single mother finds out about her daughter's closeted secret one day, Mary goes [...]

  • I Fall

    I Fall, is a dance film created and choreographed by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and past addicts now in recovery. It explores the carnage and chaos of addiction. Focusing on the twisted love story between two addicts - how they can’t live with or without each other – and their unbearable compulsion to use. But through the despair, [...]

  • Immune

    In a world scourged by a terrible disease, a healthy mother-to-be must escape the clutches of an authoritarian government or risk losing her life and that of her unborn child.

  • In-Flu-Enza

    One hundred years ago, in a world rocked by the Spanish Flu, an emotionally unstable old man starts a relationship with a young, cabaret prostitute as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife and the reality of his mortality.

  • Invisible Manners

    A short animated poem which hopes to inspire and motivate a change in perception to those affected by invisible conditions...as not all that you see, is everything that's there.


    Journey to the West traces Chinese Medicine's journey to the UK and explores the challenges of establishing legitimacy and developing recognition when the dominant culture is against you. This documentary introduces Chinese Medicine’s understanding of health and illness as a platform from which to explore a catch 22 at the heart of the profession’s struggle for acceptance; [...]

  • JUNE

    June is a story about the fragility of life; the primal forces that drive and control us and the mystery of hope and new beginnings. Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates in the following 24 hours. This one day in June for the [...]


    A psychological thriller - A man going through an emotional crisis takes on the identity of his brother for a week, thinking that his twin is dead.

  • Kiran

    Kiran, once a happily married independent business owner is now the full time carer of her elderly mother who is suffering from dementia. In the throws of routine and repeating calls for help, Kiran breaks.

  • Kite Strings

    Kat is trying her hardest to support her mother, Heather, who has dementia. Juggling her own life with her boyfriend her exasperations spill over, and the connection between mother and daughter hangs in the balance.

  • Mažoji

    Told through the perspective of a toddler, this is a story of a family's first encounter with schizophrenia.

  • Midnight Peepshow

    From directors Jake West (Doghouse), Airell Anthony Hayles (They’re Outside), Andy Edwards (Ibiza Undead) and Ludovica Musumeci (Mens Sana) comes a twisted portmanteau horror show that explores the nightmare side of sexual fantasy. Chiara D’ Anna (The Duke of Burgundy) is the Madame who owns a Soho Peep Show with a difference, in that the sights on [...]


    Shot on 16mm, this experimental short follows a grief stricken woman battles with her sanity as her carefully constructed fantasy comes crumbling down in this retro-futuristic exploration of identity. Computer babble. Brutalist architecture. A future reimagined by the seventies. A dangerous world of technology confronting mankind.

  • Much Ado (2022)

    A fresh adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is played out in a house of university students, whose party spins out of control. When a university rugby team run into engine trouble deep in the English countryside they seek refuge with local businessman Leonato, his teeange daughter Hero and niece Beatrice. Beatrice is shocked to come [...]

  • My Home

    When asked to care for elderly gentleman Boyle for a day, headstrong hijabi Muslim Aryam doesn't know what to expect. But when faced with his opposing, harmful views, Aryam knows she must do all she can to help him see things in a new light.


    Cassim Caif (Riaad Moosa) is a young Muslim man living in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. He is balancing the demands of a new marriage, a young child, and living in a house with his aging parents, with being one of South Africa’s few Muslim stand-up comedians. His father Ebrahim (Vincent Ibrahim) has reluctantly accepted his son’s chosen career for [...]

  • one like him

    A Jordanian man (Karim) must find a way to tell his childhood friend and first love (Ramzi) the truth about what happened twenty years ago, when a single moment changed both their lives. When he can’t find the words, the conversation repeats, becoming increasingly surreal until he loses control.

  • Over her

    In OVER HER we get to know 24-year-old Line (Ulrikke Falch) who has just been dumped by her girlfriend Julia - and life has collapsed. Her closest friend Elin (Clara Henry) tries to help her get over the ex, by running a Tinder account in Line's name. And suddenly she matches with Destiny, played by acclaimed Amy Deasismont. [...]

  • Oyate

    In the wake of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, Indigenous People across the nation are using their newfound platform to shed light on the wide array of injustices committed against them for centuries in an effort to wake up the world and embark upon the process of decolonization.

  • Pet Name

    Sophie (Ambika Mod) has spent weeks planning a special day out for James’s (Conor Joseph) birthday. Something that will elevate their relationship with just the right amount of nostalgia, sentimentality and romance. But whilst searching for a lighter, to light a birthday candle, Sophie’s curiosity delivers an unexpected blow; a simple message in a card that reveals [...]

  • Plucking Tangerines

    In a South London flat bereaved playwright Ava holds on to the memory of her late best friend Fran, evoking her aura and hindering her final departure. However, when Fran defies all of her friend's ploys to keep her inside, the only option left for Ava is to acquiesce and set her own imagination free.


    Love, friendship and betrayal collide as a young man struggling with bipolar disorder recounts the events of a fateful late summer’s day in the Italian countryside.

  • Raja’s Had Enough

    Raja is a creature in human form working at The Afterlife Bureau, where souls are processed after their death. Fed up after years of processing femicide victims, Raja sneaks to Earth to save a stranger Zoey from her upcoming murder.

  • Resonance

    A woman arrives for a piano lesson to find her teacher playing a piece that has no name and no ending; she discovers that it is about a former lover whose memory still haunts the younger woman. When it is the older woman’s turn to play, she, too, cannot finish the piece she is playing, which was written [...]


    A mother and daughter go on their last ever road trip together.

  • Sharing

    Sharing explores a mother and daughter relationship through the confines of shared custody.


    Jack is a well meaning, misunderstood prankster. His previous relationships have suffered due to his ex-girlfriends not really appreciating his sense of humour. But things are looking up for Jack. It seems he’s met his match in Sofie, who also loves to prank. What could go wrong?


    Coltrane. Coleman ....Coe. 'Shove It' tells the story of legendary Leeds jazz saxophonist Matthew Coe, aka Xero Slingsby and his band The Works. From the streets of West Yorkshire (and over 40 arrests for busking) to the hottest jazz bars of Europe, Coe defined the anarchic jazz punk scene of the 1980s - winning Battle of the [...]

  • SLAG

    A writer busy observing obnoxious humans around him, forgets to attend to his own baby, with unexpected consequences... Starring Uriel Emil (BBC's CASUALTY, The Honourable Woman), Kirsty Mitchell (BBC's CASUALTY), Michael Stevenson (BBC's CASUALTY)

  • Snapshot

    John Clark's debut film, funded and supported by the BFI Network. Snapshot is based on John Clark's lived experience, of trying to gain employment as an autistic adult. The film includes a debut performance from Josh Ward, whose real-life experiences mirror the character and themes presented within the film. A Snapshot is a short psychological drama entailing [...]

  • Somewhere I’ve Been

    Mary (Sheila Reid) is the last resident of a council estate that is due to be demolished. When the news of her eviction arrives, it has tragic ramifications for everyone involved.


    A swimmer detects an unusual sound late at night and she decides to investigate.

  • Spider

    Jack has upset Jill. He always takes things a little too far and she doesn’t seem to  appreciate his sense of humour. Surely some chocolates and a few other little gifts will  help smooth things over?

  • Strings

    Penny has her share of demons, and she’s about to take on one more. Despite her inability to play, Penny has big dreams of becoming the world’s greatest axe player. After stealing one from an antique shop, she decides to break it in at the local punk bar she frequents. Things don't go very well, and Penny ends [...]

  • Suit & Bone

    A callous and brazen gambler enters a holy place, risking all to obtain a great power. Cards and dice may be familiar tools of his vice, but they are also called “The Devil’s Playthings” and “The Devil’s Bones” for a reason.

  • Ten by Ten

    There is no denying the evocative power of food to remind us of who we are and where we come from. And after living in Asia for over fifteen years, my sister Jessica was longing for the burgers and barbecue of her native Tennessee. With the help of her husband Dongseop, Jessica opened an American-style diner out [...]


    Featuring an original new song written and performed by Mel Brooks, The Automat which premiered at the 2021 Telluride Film Festival, tells the 100-year story of the iconic restaurant chain Horn & Hardart, the inspiration for Starbucks, where generations of Americans ate and drank coffee together at communal tables. From the perspective of former customers entertainer Mel [...]

  • The Comfort Zone

    What would it take to break you out of your COMFORT ZONE? Caleb is by all accounts a successful executive. Despite exceeding his father's expectations, Caleb is far from happy. That is, until Star, a vibrant and aspiring rockstar, comes crashing into his world and turns his comfortably numb existence upside down with a string of reckless [...]


    Years after giving up her newborn son for adoption, a woman confronts her trauma and memories of the man she calls 'my monster’.


    Gilliger Graham, a struggling writer, is told by his agent that he must produce a hit novel if he is to save his career. He decamps to his old family home, where his father, who was once a very successful writer, had died under mysterious circumstances many years before. Disturbed by the reminders of his old family life, Gilliger struggles to find [...]

  • The Lady Edison

    In 1870, Margaret Knight launched a patent dispute that would be the first of its kind. She is forced to prove in court that she the designer, is the rightful owner of the patent of the machine that puts bottoms on paper bags; not Charles Annan, the man who has already built it.

  • The Last Bee On Earth

    In early 2024, a documentary crew went to document the story of Sam, an ordinary man entrusted with looking after the last bee on Earth. This is this film of that.

  • The Last Election and other Love Stories

    As finalists in a podcast competition worth 20 thousand dollars, Khadim Diop and his creative partner, Xisko Monroe, create an audio ethnography about the 2020 presidential election. Working exclusively in Times Square from sunrise November 3, 2020, to sunrise November 4, 2020, they ask all interviewees three questions: Where were you the last election? What are the [...]

  • The Magical World Of Miracles

    In this sweeping tale of love and loss, we follow siblings Elsie and Theo as they set out on the adventure of a lifetime to find a real life miracle that they hope will fix everything that’s gone awry. We watch them escape into their imagination, transforming the real world into their magical playground as they journey [...]

  • The Mirror

    An actor's whole world gets brought into question as he begins to unravel, his roles taking more of an emotional and mental toll that slips into his family life - most notably with his young newly diagnosed hyper-empath daughter.


    When the physicist Walter moves into a new apartment in the 1970s, he tries to clear up the enigmatic disappearance of his previous tenant and realizes that the old man is haunting him in an eerie way - from the future.

  • The Phantom of the Sauna

    Javi, a young rent boy living in Madrid, comes to a sauna club looking for job. But he'll find out soon that the place is full of secrets, the biggest of them a strange man that will fall in love with him: the Phantom of the Sauna.


    A young Latina is haunted by a traumatic event she experienced while in the military and so her African American boyfriend takes her on a ranch vacation to help relieve her anxiety and panic attacks. But once there, they find themselves in a fight for their lives as they attempt to elude the demented racial experiments of [...]

  • There’s a Bison on The Prairie

    A short film about existence and sentience. Satirical in tone, the film chronicles evolution and the development of the carnivore.

  • Thrown Away Child

    Failed by a care system that continuously ignored evidence of the abuse she suffered as a child, Louise was saved by her determination to escape home and become an artist. Fifty years later, Thrown Away Child explores how her case was able to slip through the cracks, and how she uses her past to fight for the rights [...]


    Time and Tide is a trilogy about how we approach the past, reconcile it with the present, and face the future. Across the years, a mother watches her gladiator son fight, while she remembers his childhood: the last lighthouse keeper prepares for his final trip ashore: and an actor returns to the stage to play his part in [...]

  • To Raise Her Spirits

    In this haunting stop motion animated black comedy a man attends a séance but is sceptical about such nonsense. Will they really contact spirits from the other side? Or will they find other skeletons in the closet in this harrowing tale of terror and mystery?


    A mysterious TV signal sends everyone into an outpour of uncontrollable swearing.

  • Unders

    At an under-18s club night in Glasgow, a strong-willed teenager struggles to cope with the behaviour of her male friends.

  • Waving

    An unflinchingly honest portrayal of the devastating reality behind the misunderstood anxiety disorder of OCD, starring Ralph Ineson ('The VVitch’ - Robert Eggers, 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs' - Coen Brothers, 'The Green Knight' - James Lowry and 'The Tragedy Of Macbeth' - Coen Brothers). His worst fears seemingly realised; a distraught father takes one last walk through [...]

  • When The Clapping Stops

    Written by a Care Worker Matty - a young and dedicated care worker - meets his match when his agency assigns him to middle-aged firecracker and epilepsy sufferer, June. Despite struggling to access support from a sector stretched thin, Matty must also provide unpaid care for his terminally ill Grandfather. Soon, the emotional stress of balancing his personal [...]

  • When the Rain Sets In

    Kenzie and Treyden, a couple who’ve been swept up in a whirlwind six-month romance, find themselves confronting a painful question: Has their love story come to an end? OSCAR NOMINATED EDITOR OF GREEN BOOK 14 AWARDS AT FIRST 10 FESTIVALS

  • Wool

    Bound by his rules, she begins to unravel. In a house stood still in time, a woman knits, unaware her husband keeps her where he wants her. Stuck at home, she has no say, all must go his way. But when he sets her one knitting project too many she is gripped by an urge to take matters [...]

  • Wounds

    Wounds is a poetic dance film that follows the journey of a survivor experiencing domestic emotional abuse. The narrative explores an emotionally abusive relationship through movement, exposing the violence of this often invisible form of domestic abuse, whilst providing an empowering ending to those trapped in these cycles.

  • You’re Not Alone

    You’re Not Alone is a film celebrating the 130th anniversary of North East children’s charity Children North East. It features a specially commissioned poem penned by Geordie poet, Scott Tyrrell and voiced by TV star and Children North East ambassador Tim Healy. It shares our unique history and insight into the life-changing support we provide babies, children and [...]