The North East of England is without a doubt one of the most striking regions in the UK with more than its fair share of iconic buildings and landmarks, so it’s no surprise that it’s starred in some of the most famous hit TV shows and films over the years. From Hollywood action films to thrilling crime dramas, the North East has certainly played its part in cinematic history. This is a special place for the film industry. It is the birthplace of many movie stars and directors. Its landscape includes a rugged coastline, stunning beaches and lush countryside. Known since Roman times, it is home to culture, innovation and world famous “Geordie” hospitality.

With The Festival, we want to bring this all together and share our great region with our audience.

We are currently in talks with various venues for screenings, workshops, showcases and a closing award ceremony.

Our focus is to have an accessible layout and make the whole Festival experience safe, sustainable and conducive to a collaborative atmosphere.

As the planning phase of the Festival reaches completion, we will share all of the venue locations, policies and recommended itineraries.


Aren’t we all longing for days gone by when a trip to the pub was the norm? So here is what we are planning: A guided pub crawl trailing through some of the best spots in our city. You cannot visit the North East of England without participating in some typical Geordie hospitality and culture. The one thing Geordies are internationally renowned for is their love of socialising and a trip to the ‘Toon’ would not be complete without a tour of its many welcoming bars. We cannot wait to bring to you the Newcastle Pub Crawl.

The North East International Film Festival

A celebration of filmmaking inviting the world to head North East

18th – 24th November 2024

VIP Networking Events

A VIP network gathering which will be attended by industry professionals, to include canapes and a welcome drink for which tickets will be made available through the website and Eventbrite.


Free, educational workshops will also take place throughout the city for people wanting to hone their craft, learn and develop new skills or just generalised info.

Special screenings

There will be special one off screenings of award winning films followed by question and answer sessions and interviews with leading Actors, Directors, Writers and Producers. Information on the special screenings shall be released in 2021.