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Eight magnificent short films in one block

PATH TO ECSTACY – A lost teen is abandoned by his alcoholic stepfather, and spurred on a desperate search for connection within the same group he also wishes to escape from.

DYING TO MEET YOU – A hotel lobby in Depression America is the crucible where a brilliant, ruined drunk battles his demons one last time. This true story reveals what happens on the day Bill Wilson turns down a drink and creates Alcoholics Anonymous.

INTERNAL ABYSS – As Mia battles the effects of both her broken home and her toxic relationship, her loneliness grows, and hope is fading. Will she find hope and a route to follow, or will life always be this Internal Abyss?

SEASALTER ROAD – Following the sudden death of their mother a pair of estranged siblings must revisit their family home and fractured relationship.

TERRARIUM – Created using stop-motion techniques in CG 3D, Terrarium is a short film of a little ecosystem where we peer into a slice of its life and death cycle.

THE DAWDLER – The Dawdler is about the moments before a town is destroyed by an air raid. Ordinary life occurring – unaware it will be decimated, any second now.

OFFICE ROYALE – How far would you go to climb the corporate ladder?

ILL FARES THE LAND – Mermaids. Migrants. And the Far Right.

A young boy finds a mermaid washed up on the shores of his seaside home while his older brother is swept up in the rising tide of far-right nationalism.