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Seven short films in one magnificent block

YOUNG HOT BLOODS – An unassuming seamstress is confronted by an undercover policeman seeking to track down members of the Suffragette movement. An action-packed slice of history delivered with an uppercut to the gut.

SIX FEET OF SEPARATION – March 2020. Dina and Noah can’t see each other anymore. How long is the separation going to last and will their relationship survive it?

FIST – Gordon is determined to die as he has lived – alone. Until care worker Aaron comes knocking. And an intimate encounter alters his life as well as his death.

CARRION – In an isolated desert motel, a young girl digs up a rotting carcass. Later that night, something mysterious is unearthed in her mother.

FETISHIZE ME – A surreal gameshow that holds a mirror to the male gaze. Questioning how we are seen, not seen and objectified, and the ways that we are complicit in our own objectification.

OUR HOME THE SEA – Lara has built a life for her and her daughter, Magi, with the sea at its heart, lived and explored in their mother tongue. But as external forces push them ever closer to danger, their world begins to crumble around them.

CALL ME BACK – The subtlety of memory and grief is studied in this heartfelt exploration of a bereaved older woman. Grace (Lindsay Duncan), returns home from the funeral of her husband, George (Jim Broadbent), accompanied by her daughter, Lucy (Sophia Myles). Mother and daughter clash, leading Grace to attempt to mourn in isolation.

Confronted by memories of happier times, she begins the process of cleansing the house – and herself – of the medical paraphernalia of the sick man she nursed.

Ignoring phone calls from her daughter, she chaotically extends the purge of George’s earthly manifestations beyond what she can bear.

Faced with her error, she has a choice to make – to either continue on her destructive path, or reach out to her daughter for help.