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Seven magnificent films in one shorts block

LOSING US – 17-year-old Gezim, refugee and victim of human trafficking in the UK, is doing everything he can to keep his 12-year-old sister Elira safe after their mother goes missing and they are left to fend for themselves.

GHANIMAH – The war on terror, the 7/7 bombings, the loss of the son’s mother and the allegiance to either Islam or Britain. What will unfold. Family, Duty or Honour? A heated argument occurs when Abdullah (Mikhail Sen – House of Dragon, A Suitable Boy) declares he is joining the British Military to the shock of his pacifist father Omar (Adil Akram – Spectre, What’s Love got to do with it?) and anger of his fundamentalist older brother Moh (James El-Sharawy – Tyrant, EastEnders). As their debate unfurls past resentments and revelations rise to the surface, boiling to a point where they can no longer contain themselves.

PERSONAL EFFECTS – After her brother’s death, Katie meets with his ex-girlfriend to solve a mystery: the personalised mix CD he left her.

WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN – Thirty something Indian sisters Rumi and Nina journey to London in pursuit of their music dream. But working at an Indian Takeaway wasn’t part of the plan.

DUET – Ruth begins her 30th birthday alone, as she often is, with nothing but her thoughts, memories, and her piano, an extension of her inner life. It’s apparent that this day is overshadowed by a spectre from her past which she increasingly cannot deny. Her older brother Adam — an equally solitary workaholic — arrives with a cake and a gift card for a routine birthday visit between meetings. But what starts as a perfunctory drop-in becomes a turning point in their lives, as Ruth lays her cards out on the table and sparks a confrontation about the defining event which broke their family and their attempts to come to terms with it.

WUSS – inspired by a true story

Already struggling with his father leaving, a sensitive six-year-old boy draws painful parallels when his cherished cat goes missing. Blaming himself for both losses, he embarks on a quest to find his furry friend.

A DAY IN FEBRUARY – In another country, separated from her family, one phone call is all Galyna has to ensure their safety.