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Nine magnificent short films in one block

PAY BACK – A wealthy property developer goes to the top floor of an art gallery to pay the ransom for his kidnapped son. But when the lift mysteriously stops halfway up the building, he must quickly work out if the young man he is trapped with is just an innocent tourist – or the kidnapper.

LIAR – Abisola uses her imagination to hide from her home life, until her friends find out.

EVERYTHING IS OUT TO GET ME – A 1950’s housewife, struggling with her mental health, reflects on her failed marriage and history of domestic abuse. Her depression is fueled by the fact that her ex-husband now appears to be happily re-married with a newborn baby. But there’s more to his happiness than meets the eye.

THE SILENT CANARY – When troubled Joy forms an unlikely bond with rebellious Kat and discovers who her new friend’s secret boyfriend is, her own past trauma starts to resurface. She’s faced with a difficult choice of either saving her friendship or saving her friend.

WHAT WE DID YESTERDAY – When Rhiannon returns home from a trip, she finds the flat left in a mess from her partner. When tidying she notices something out of place, and soon discovers the question of infidelity is not the only shock.

SUNDAY ROAST – Holger lives alone in his apartment. When 60 years younger Anna moves into the same stairwell, he invites her to a Sunday dinner. What first appears to be a nice dinner is gradually changing into something else. Sunday Roast is about mental disorders and revolves around the conflict between curiosity, obligation and danger.

A PLUS – Two dedicated young parents who want only the best for their ten year old daughter, take matters into their own hands and have to consider what they are willing to do to ensure her success.

We follow a young married couple, Cassie and Ade, over one evening as they try their best to right a perceived wrong. Cassie is Welsh, “working class”, focused and driven, while Ade, of African descent, is normally laid back and lighthearted, but is currently showing apprehension. They both have their daughter’s future and best interests at heart, but their opposing personalities and opinions on what to do cause them to clash. Can they agree on how to achieve their goal, and are their actions a little…extreme?

MIDNIGHT RIDE – A drug-dealing, Italian delivery rider resorts to robbing a South London burrito joint after his bike and drugs are stolen, little knowing he might be the one taken for a ride all along.

BULLY – A dinner party goes off the rails when the host suspects a surprise guest is his childhood bully.