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Nine magnificent short films in one block

ALL AT SEA – Stephen remembers adventures at the seaside where anything seemed possible. Unfortunately, adult life didn’t pan out as he had dreamed. Or is there time for transformation yet?

IRIS – Unable to break up with long-term girlfriend Julia face-to-face, Tom turns to a shadowy organisation to clone himself. When he changes his mind, he’s forced to return home to confront his other half – both of them.

IRINA – A wall of trees. Her sudden urges to break out of the cold loneliness lead to nothing. When a sudden impact leads Irina to choose between owning or ending her life.

HELEN OF TROY’S – While everyone including her boyfriend has gone off to Uni having all the sex, Helen is stuck still working at her Dad’s fish ‘n’ chip shop, dreaming of escape.

Set in the real-life chip shop where Lia grew up and with a cameo from her Dad, Helen of Troy’s is a funny, heartfelt, chip-oil soaked trip into the mind of a desperate twenty-something girl from the Midlands.

SPOOR – A freakish, throbbing growth torments Ash. She is stuck caring for her vitriolic, dementia-ridden mother. With every indignity, Ash’s lump grows, until it erupts, spewing a mysterious substance. Will Ash figure out what it is and how to stop it?

STREET PASTORS – Two friends reunite after Nigel catches his wife cheating. The two embark on a quest to live the bachelor’s dream. Unable to meet any women, David sees an opportunity to become Street Pastors in an attempt to improve their chances!

HOPE AIN’T RIGHT – Kevin, a masked cowboy must either accept society’s view of him as a perpetual child that ‘ain’t right’, or ride out to save the boy he loves from a local gang. He chooses the latter, saving his beloved but sacrificing himself in the process.

BARDO: A ROGUE AND PEASANT SLAVE – Bardo is a hard-grafting bouncer who aspires to be a writer. His wife, Hecuba, hiding her own dreams, finds solace in alcohol and believes Bardo is stealing her life to fulfil his own. Bardo finds inspiration in Karate and his curiously familiar sparring partner Anne Marie, a teacher. Bardo’s choice will cause devastation but in the wreckage Anne Marie reveals what he must do next.

CHARLIE’S FREEDOM – Charlie’s Freedom is a gritty, sensitive short film with two parallel timelines that contrast Charlie’s struggles as a teenage carer with a mysterious day in her future.

When Charlie turns down the University of her dreams, her disabled Mum takes radical steps to ensure she completes her education. But is she successful? We find out when the two parallel timelines finally merge.