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Nine magnificent films in one shorts block

THE EAGLE’S GIFT – Abandoned at birth by her father, a young girl enduring a toxic relationship with her alcoholic mother, finds the courage to escape this life in search of true happiness and liberation.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Amy dreams of being a musical star on the West End stage – but when her boss threatens to fire her from her day job, she must push her performance to a whole new level.

THE MOON FOLLOWED ME TO FALMOUTH – A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the moon began to follow him, watching his every move. After months at sea, the ship arrived at a topical island where the moon lead him to his first true love awaiting on the beach. But the moon became envious of their love, drove them apart, and forced the young man, heartbroken and alone, back to Falmouth. Every time he looks up at the night sky, the moon is always there, reminding him of a love lost so many years ago.

THAT’S OUR TIME – Danny’s stuck in a dead-end job. It keeps him focused on the clock and unable to connect with those around him. At their final session, his sympathetic therapist tries to help him realize that it’s more important to focus on the time you have left than the time you’ve already spent.

MEETING MR SAMUEL – After dying of a cocaine induced heart attack in a pub toilet, loveable rogue and absent father, Christian Stoner wakes to find himself in what appears to be a waiting for the afterlife staffed by his former school Geography teacher, Mr Samuels.

As their conversation unfolds, Christian discovers that neither Mr Samuels nor this vast room are entirely as they appear.

Is Christian doomed to spend eternity in the most boring dimension imaginable? Or can he persuade Mr Samuels into an audacious escape back to reality and the family he has so foolishly taken for granted?

OBA – In a re-imagined future a King of a Nigerian village passes. The village kingmakers consult with traditional Gods until Ayo, an unsuspecting young man from South-East London, is selected as the new Oba. Ayo is suddenly plunged into a surreal journey of reconnection and discovery.

THE HOLIDAY MAKER – After she can’t financially afford to travel on her dream holiday, a young woman named Emily decides to build a miniature model wonderland of her dream destinations.

SOFT FACTS – Maia McCarthy has disappeared in a war zone leaving only a cryptic voice note. Aided by an anonymous hacker her husband Danny follows an online trail into her secret world… a Syrian doctor, a mysterious taxi driver, and the trauma of a miscarriage… the facts themselves are never what they seem.

MERMAN – Haunted by what she has seen while carrying out humanitarian work with refugees in the Mediterranean and traumatised by her experiences, Mari returns to her parents’ coastal home in rural Suffolk. There, through an unlikely acquaintance, she discovers the medieval legend of the Merman. The truth behind this seemingly innocent myth is darker than Mari could imagine. Merman explores themes of prejudice and isolation against the breath-taking backdrop of the Suffolk coastal landscape. Mari finds herself questioning whether humanity will ever be accepting of outsiders or are they destined to suffer as the Merman did hundreds of years ago.