Heather Greenwood

Jury year(s) 2022

As Senior Executive for Fulwell 73 she is a BAFTA nominated Producer who oversees a whole range of film and broadcast content from initial development & budget, through production, post, delivery & distribution.

With 20 years industry experience she has been involved in a wide range of Broadcast and Theatrical output including THE CLASS OF 92, THE GUVNORS, I AM BOLT, SUNDERLAND TIL I DIE, HITSVILLE-THE MAKING OF MOTOWN & BROS-AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS, regularly working with Netflix. Also BBC, Universal Pictures, Altitude and many more.

Heather is currently focusing on Fulwell 73’s concerted move into the scripted space and building a slate to reflect these ambitions, seeking out Co-Production and IP opportunities.

Recently announced projects include the HE Series reboot of MOONDIAL (wiip) and features DRAGGED TO CHURCH and FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS.