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Shot on 16mm, this experimental short follows a grief stricken woman battles with her sanity as her carefully constructed fantasy comes crumbling down in this retro-futuristic exploration of identity. Computer babble. Brutalist architecture. A future reimagined by the seventies. A dangerous world of technology confronting mankind.


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John Clark's debut film, funded and supported by the BFI Network. Snapshot is based on John Clark's lived experience, of trying to gain employment as an autistic adult. The film includes a debut performance from Josh Ward, whose real-life experiences mirror the character and themes presented within the film. A Snapshot is a short psychological drama entailing an aspiring autistic photographer, who is plagued by a painful memory, that exacerbates his persistent struggles with unemployment and negotiating the job interview process. Writer/Director John Clark, lead actor Josh Ward and the production team are available for introductions, Q&A events and workshops to discuss their creative journey and access within the film industry.

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