The Rock in the Sea.

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"A Monk living in 9th century Ireland must contend with grief, despair, isolation and his own identity, on a far-off desolate rock." Set against the backdrop of the viking expansion era in the late 9th century. An Irish Monk living on a remote island rock must confront grief and contend with despair as his hope falls into decay. It becomes a question of his own morality, as he endures a life of complete solitude. Being torn between defeat and finding a path for resolve.

The Wake

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A restless 15-year-old has spent his life surrounded by death, raised in his parents' funeral business in a small town USA. Viewing his alcoholic father as profiting from the dead, our hero does him one better: While a wake is held in his parents' funeral home, he breaks into the deceased's house, counting on the place being empty. In his view, the dead no longer need what he pockets. He recruits his deaf-mute younger brother to join him in his capers, unaware that his lucky streak is about to run out.

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