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Trigger is a short about a soldier called Fletcher who returns home to the UK with PTSD whilst serving in Afghanistan. The film follows Fletcher as he struggles with his ever growing mental illness and his struggles to adapt back into civilian and family life. Until a tragic life-changing​ event happens that will change his and his family’s lives forever.

Tell Me You Love Me

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Based on a true story - A rooftop party for two, a brother & sister celebrate their love. She has escaped from a violent husband but her scars run deep. She makes the ultimate choice. With Tamzin Outhwaite, Previous credits include: EastEnders, Death in Paradise, Ridley Road. Danny Bayne, The Peripheral (Netflix) Hollyoaks, Grease is the Word- Winner- BBC

Making Up

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Making Up is set in the late 1980s, framed within the gritty drag scene of London's east end. The short film stars BIFA award-winning Dave Johns, Jessica Ellerby and Carey Thring and follows Ted who is diagnosed with a hereditary illness. Ted must therefore reconcile with estranged daughter, Cassandra. However, being a celebrated drag queen, paired with the bitter feelings Cassandra harbours over their past, presents a larger obstacle for Ted to overcome.

Rose of Armagh

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Set in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, 1983. Rose of Armagh is the story of a Father & Daughter, on their way home in the depths of mid-winter. How a Daughter mistakingly seals her Father’s fate with a rose after a stop & search at a checkpoint on the border of County Armagh leads to a witch hunt within Sinn Féin.

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