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Funerals can be true male environments where men want to cry but refuse to while their past rides up to hit them. Eddie Holgate is caught in this exact situation. His father has built him up all his life to be tough in an attempt to trickle down his masculinity. But as a tumultuous and charged service at his team's football pitch sparks unwanted memories, Eddie is forced to examine the man he idolized his father to be against the husband and caregiver he very much was not. With the help of his older brother, Joe, Eddie manages to unpick years of emotional neglect and abuse, and finally, allows himself to cry.

The Cure

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17-year-old Renal is brought to a sex worker by his uncle to prove his masculinity to his patriarchal father. “The Cure” shows how the absolute power of adults who have a conservative and rigid mentality leads to a traumatic experience for a teenager. An “educational” act driven by good intentions turns into psychological and physical abuse.

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