Broken Hearts

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Chloe, a regular at the Broken Hearts hospital and a desperate romantic, is back again after yet another romantic mishap. This time, Dr. Love agrees to prescribe her a rebound - the love-cynical Charlie, who's here on his first visit. They must undergo the treatment together, regardless of their clashing beliefs.


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A father daughter relationship is tested as Dad drives Lucy to have her abortion and the two dance around what her future might hold. As they reach the clinic, Lucy looks to her Dad for answers - but it’s not his decision to make. A simple car ride becomes a journey to adulthood for Lucy as she faces hard choices, that ultimately she must make alone.

In My Day

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In this black and white drama, a young white British woman, Michelle, is deeply in love with her boyfriend Asif. But, the local far-right skinheads in the city and her parents in the countryside aren’t accepting of him and their relationship. The true reason for their hostility is only revealed at the end.

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