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A UK - Dominican Co-production During his first international tour, Zemi, an up-and-coming Dominican rapper, faces the age-old battle between creative integrity and encompassing ambition. While external voices challenge his values, Zemi calls upon a powerful spirit to defend his truth. 'This is film about a clash between self-discovery and the socioeconomic structures that merchandise and profit from the self. Which power dynamics come into play in the process of individuation? What does it mean to be who I am? To what extent do my beliefs, culture and history define me? These are some of the questions I've been asking myself for some time. I probably will never reach an absolute answer, however, both spirituality and music lay the foundations to explore them through both [...]

Eternal Hourglass

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An elderly woman recollects and reconnects with her past as her memories fade back to her in the form of a dance; a dream, a nightmare. Anna (80) sits in her chair day in and day out. Her previous life as an acrobat unknown to those who care for her as she lives out Nietzsche’s Eternal Return, and is constantly plunged back into her past and a terrible choice she had to make many years ago as ‘the eternal hourglass of existence is turned over again and again, and you with it speck of dust’. 60 years previously, in a far too familiar time of political uncertainty and far right ideology, Anna must choose between her lover Victor, a persecuted artist, and her acrobatic partner [...]

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