Round Two

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In Round Two we meet Hanne and Danel who have just had a successfull date and ended up at Hanne’s place. Here a breakdown of communication in an intimate situation, leads a blossoming romance into muddled waters, making them both feel confused and hurt, while leaving the audience pondering important and difficult questions about the grey areas of what constitutes abuse.

In Your Hands

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Late evening in a London barbershop, an awkward stranger becomes enamoured with a charming barber. An unlikely attraction sparks between them and after a life-changing shave for The Stranger, the two go for a drink. As alcohol lowers The Stranger’s inhibitions, his fascination for shaving starts to reveal a dark desire. After an uncomfortable walk home, The Barber politely cuts the evening short. Things take a turn when The Stranger sees The Barber shaving another customer, sending him into a deadly rage and hurtles them both to a grim and unpredictable climax.

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