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Jack is a well meaning, misunderstood prankster. His previous relationships have suffered due to his ex-girlfriends not really appreciating his sense of humour. But things are looking up for Jack. It seems he’s met his match in Sofie, who also loves to prank. What could go wrong?

Pet Name

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Sophie (Ambika Mod) has spent weeks planning a special day out for James’s (Conor Joseph) birthday. Something that will elevate their relationship with just the right amount of nostalgia, sentimentality and romance. But whilst searching for a lighter, to light a birthday candle, Sophie’s curiosity delivers an unexpected blow; a simple message in a card that reveals James’s unique pet name for her, “Goose”, may not be as original as she first thought. Blindsided but not wanting to derail the day, Sophie presses ahead with a trip to the seaside town of Llandudno, North Wales. Set against the faded seafront with its neon-lit amusement arcades, Sophie begins to unravel as she views her relationship through a new lens, whilst James is forced to reckon [...]

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