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Time and Tide is a trilogy about how we approach the past, reconcile it with the present, and face the future. Across the years, a mother watches her gladiator son fight, while she remembers his childhood: the last lighthouse keeper prepares for his final trip ashore: and an actor returns to the stage to play his part in a Greek myth. The trilogy opens with The Arena, with renowned actor Greta Scacchi giving an emotional performance as she tells the tale of a gladiator fighting for his life, while his mother looks on, recalling happier times. The second film in the sequence, The Last Lighthouse Keeper, stars experienced character actor John Locke as he relates the keeper’s adventures from the invention of the lighthouse, to [...]

You’re Not Alone

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You’re Not Alone is a film celebrating the 130th anniversary of North East children’s charity Children North East. It features a specially commissioned poem penned by Geordie poet, Scott Tyrrell and voiced by TV star and Children North East ambassador Tim Healy. It shares our unique history and insight into the life-changing support we provide babies, children and young people across the region to help them grow up healthy and happy.

I Fall

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I Fall, is a dance film created and choreographed by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and past addicts now in recovery. It explores the carnage and chaos of addiction. Focusing on the twisted love story between two addicts - how they can’t live with or without each other – and their unbearable compulsion to use. But through the despair, we see that recovery, love and hope are possible.


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Unable to accept his ex Jess's departure, Billy finds a website that allows him to design a sexbot in her image. ‘BabyDolls’ claim that their custom made sexbots have the ability to mirror their buyer’s behaviour, making them an idyllic partner for the purchaser. After falling victim to his own toxicity through Becks' adaptive algorithm, Billy seeks to reconcile with Jess but his moment of redemption is cut short by Becks' unusual act of revenge. BabyDolls is a dark comedy short that looks at fragile masculinity masked within alpha male bravado, paced to an original score and told through spoken word.

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