The Festival has a broad scope but an inclusive narrative. Our judging panel will review and award the following criteria:

A live action narrative fiction.

Requirements: Your Submission should be an original narrative video of fictional storytelling. Submissions may include the following genres: comedy, action, drama, musical, horror, etc.

A factual report on a chosen subject or idea.

Requirements: Your submission should be an original  documentary video of non-fiction storytelling. Submissions may include a variety of storytelling methods: presenter led, narrated, fly on the wall, point of view, ambient, or personal stories, etc.

A story told by giving life to inanimate objects or character designs using computer technology or frame by frame animation.

Requirements: Your submission must be an original animated short video that illustrates the art of animated storytelling. Submissions may include the following styles of animation: 3D, 2D, mixed media, or any form of stop motion.

This is open to any filmmaker who has made their film here in the North East of England.

We are looking for Submissions that:-

Are based upon an interesting concept, are innovative, well crafted and create an emotional resonance

Requirements: Your submission must be written, directed or produced by a female. In situations where there is more than one writer, director or producer then 50% of them must be female.

Requirements: Your submission should be written, directed or produced by individuals who are disabled or neurodivergent. Submissions may also represent topics relating to disability in any form, be it mentally or physically.

Requirements: All submissions must be original student-created films of all genres. Students of any age group are invited to submit.

Requirements: All submissions must be original works. To include all film genres. Total production value must not exceed £1000/$1,500.

Requirements: Short film submissions must not exceed a run-time of 30 minutes.

One of our official distribution partners is Opprime TV. All of our festival award winners will automatically be offered the option of screening their films on the Oppprime TV platform (which is a direct competitor of Netflix and Hulu). The Filmmaker will receive a percentage of all subscriptions.

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